Leaving on the Jet Plane at September 7th 2010

All ur bags are packed u’re ready to go
I’m standing here inside my home
I hate to go to urs and say good bye
But the dawn is breaking its early morn
The taxi’s waiting its blowing its horn
I’m ready I’m so lonesome I could die. . .

I Want kiss u n smile 4 u
I’ll tell u that I’ll wait for u
I want to hold u like I’m never let u go

Cause u’re leaving on the jet plane
I don’t know when u’ll be back again
Oh, babe I hate to see u go. . .

Now the time has come u leave me
actually I want to kiss u
then close ur eyes n I’ll be on ur way
Every place I’ll go I’ll think of u
Every song I’ll sing I sing 4 u
When u come back I wish u bring me wedding ring. . .

*specil thanks to dodits. Its the day when u’ll go from here, leave every parts of Jogja after a years. . .
Be carefull. . .I’ll always pray to God everyday 4 ur success. . .SEMANGAT!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010 at 6:54am

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Inspiration for the Lovers

anda adalah katalisator terhebat untuk mengubah saya menjadi lebih baik ^^

aku memang manusia biasa yang tak sempurna dan kadang salah
namun di hatiku hanya satu cinta untukmu luar biasa
*yovie & nuno*

Inspirasi Hidup

with great power comes great responsibilities