Pandansari (Patehan) Beach and Goa Cemara Beach

The beaches along the southern Java, Indonesia, is interesting to be visited. For jogja area, try to enjoy the scenery on the coast of Gunung Kidul (such as Baron, Krakal, Kukup, Wedi Ombo, Ngobaran, etc.), or the beach in Bantul (such as Parang Tritis, Depok, Samas, Pandansimo), or on the Kulon Progo such as Glagah Indah, Trisik, and Bugel. Each beach has its own attraction to visit. For example, beaches in the area south are generally more rugged mountains and have the white sand. While the beaches in Bantul more ramps, and beaches in the west Progo are richer fish than the other places.
Well, today I will discuss on a beach in Bantul area which still virgin and not yet widely known by the public, the Patehan Beach (Pandansari) and Goa Cemara Beach.
Goa Cemara and Patehan Beach are located in the district Sanden, Bantul, Yogyakarta. If you ever visit the south coast of Bantul, you will know that there are many other beaches besides Parangtritis and Depok. So, if we drawn from east to west, there are beaches such as Parangtritis, Depok, Samas, Patehan, Goa Cemara, Kwaru (Kuwaru), Pantai Baru, and Pandansimo.

Goa beach Pines
Goa beach pine located in the district Sanden, Bantul, exactly between Patehan and Kuwaru. This place is special, because if we want to reach the beach area, we must enter the pine trees that form a natural cave. So it seems like, there are beach that covers by a cave. It looks exotic and beautiful. Facilities at this beach is guaranteed by the well, such as toilets, food court, swimming pool, a place of worship, etc.
To reach there, you can pass the path to Srandakan (toward Kuwaru Beach and Pandansimo). From there, you veer toward kuwaru. Prior to kuwaru, there is a T-junction, you turn left, follow the road, then turn right. From there, a lot of signpost to the Goa Cemara’s way.

Patehan Beach or Pandansari
This beach is located near the Goa Cemara Beach, about 1 km to the east. So the atmosphere was not much different. Only, there is no cave pine in there, but just a beach. Its uniqueness is there is a lighthouse on the coast, about 300 meters from the beach. Is it lighthouse can be used? I also do not know. Rather, the visitors can go up to the lighthouse when allowed. Unfortunately the facilities at this beach is still minimal. There is not any facilities on offer, just a parking lot.
How to reach to patehan is by the same route to the Goa Cemara Beach. There are many road signs that direct you to reach into patehan.

well, i hope its usefull ad you can enjoy your vacation. have a nice trip.

*sorry the picture is being edited ^^


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  1. vi
    Feb 07, 2015 @ 14:43:48

    nice beach (^o^)


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